About EN Group

EN Group was founded by Managing Director Raymond Ng and his brother Peter Ng in 2000. Since then, the group has expanded and developed brands such as Aburi-EN, EN Dining, Kiwami, Tamago-EN, Monster Curry, Monster Planet and Tempura Makino.

The Meaning of EN

The Japanese word, EN, represents the celebration of relationship and harmony. We at EN Group strive to deliver the same energy by bringing Japanese and Okinawan food and culture to Singapore and beyond.

The EN Experience

EN Group believes in serving only the finest meat and freshest seafood and vegetables. Our chefs take fresh ingredients imported directly from Japan to create a widely ranged menu that even includes traditional Okinawan dishes which are a rarity outside the beautiful island. Take a trip to Japan by visiting our many restaurants, each unique from one another, and exploring our authentic Japanese menus.

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